Planting Seeds for Health, Hope & Happiness

By empowering you to be centered in your circle of life.

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Empowering you to be centered in your circle of life with Health, Hope & Happiness

Welcome to the office of Wendy Frankle M.A., LPC

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Kendra Shyanne


I am a Licensed Professional

Counselor, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and a

member of the American Counseling Association.

My speciality and passion is working with teenage girls

and their families as well as teaching Grief Recovery.

I have 16 years in private practice as well as other

clinical settings, working with kids ages 6-18 years

and their families.  These children and young adults

have various life stressors they are trying to cope with,

such as anxiety, ADHD/ADD, depression, self-worth,

relationship issues, family stress, parent-child relationship

problems, sexual and gender identity, disordered eating,

self injurious behavior and suicidality. Often both the

child/young adult AND the parents find themselves without

the necessary coping skills to navigate through these issues

on their own.  Exhaustion and frustration turns into more

unwanted dysfunction, so creating more feelings of low

self-worth in both the child and the parents. This leads to

more broken relationships, and so the cycle continues.

In my office I strive to provide a safe, nurturing 

environment where we can work together to plant the 

seeds necessary for your health, hope and happiness by

healing the pain caused by these changes in your life.     

Education & Affiliations

Masters in Counseling Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

Member of American Counseling Association


Photo by:  Kendra Shyanne Photography